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Improving literacy and supporting English language learning around the world

Auris Tech are the inventors of a multi patented, award winning Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Technology developed specifically for ‘read’ speech. 


Its unique AI is the foundation technology behind literacy and language platforms designed to help improve reading and support English language learning for children and adults alike. 

To educators we provide real-time deep data for reading efficacy to help improve individual outcomes and encourage a love for reading as the user progresses their literacy, language skills and confidence.


To the publishing industry we provide a wealth of intelligence based on actual reading data filterable to a plethora of practical use cases including demographic, geographic and individual user habits.


With an ever growing library of accents and reading data Auris the perfect partner for improving literacy and supporting English language learning around the world

Our completely unique, innovative and reliable solution delivers relevant, real-time reading data with award winning latency and we take pride in the fact that we provide people and businesses with the intel they need to make deep data driven choices to gain the best possible outcomes. 

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