Industry-leading speech recognition solutions.

Auris Tech are innovators of the world’s first ASR engine for children’s read speech.


We are market leaders in creating speech recognition solutions for children.

Academic Partner

We are proud to be working in partnership with the University of Edinburgh.

Our Products

Our technology is being used to encourage child literacy in an educational app called Fonetti.

About Auris Tech

Auris Tech are recognised innovators of voice recognition DNN systems, specialising in the development and deployment of ASR solutions.

Auris are founders of an intuitive engine created specifically to understand children’s read speech, designed in partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. The engine evolves using machine learning processes to deliver market-leading accuracy at a level of over 91%.

Auris’ specialist system offers mass-market solutions across multiple sectors with potential applications in education, health, language, entertainment and more. 

Our goal is to become the number one supplier of specific read speech ASR, with its technology deployed globally across multiple sectors.

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Plexal, Auris Tech, 14 East Bay Lane, Lesney Avenue, London, E20 3BS

Auris Tech Limited is registered in England (No. 09443035)