Supporting literacy and English language learning around the world

Patented Technology

Our unique, patented Automatic Speech Recognition Engine has been developed specifically for reading with a track record for improving literacy skills in children.

Academic Partners

Developed in collaboration with world-renowned speech and language experts with the University of Edinburgh’s renowned School of Informatics

Exceptional Accuracy

Exceptional accuracy rates of over 92% understanding all UK based accents including where English is an additional language (EAL) 


Auris Tech are the innovators of a unique Voice Recognition Engine developed to enable and empower applications in the area of reading, literacy and English language.

Designed in partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. The engine evolves using its patented machine learning processes to deliver market-leading accuracy at a level close to human parity.

In this new evolved contactless world the Auris technology provides a completely unique and innovative offer to literacy platforms, publishers and content providers backed up by a level of access and reading data that has never before been available.

Creators of the award winning, Department for Education approved Reading Platform and App Fonetti.
Supporting child literacy in schools and homes around the UK

Help a child to read, change a life forever!

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