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Winners of the ERA Awards 2022!

We're immensely proud to announce that Fonetti has won the ERA Awards 2022 in the Classroom Teaching Aids category! Here's what the judges had to say:

"A very innovative speech recognition engine which supports listening, reading and phonics, with amazing sampling of regional voices to add speech recognition. Judges praised its design to develop confident readers and thought it represented a clear investment in innovation and added value to the teaching and learning experience"

Our in-house reading app Fonetti uses our patented automatic speech recognition (ASR) to listen and actively encourage children to read. When children read correctly words turn green, and when they skip a word or read it incorrectly, it turns grey. When used in schools, reading data like accuracy scores from the app feed into a teacher portal, so that teachers can monitor the progress of their pupils' reading via a predictable and robust platform.

Fonetti has also given Auris the opportunity to test our technology in a wide range of environments and prove that our ASR technology works. Our ASR engine has a market-leading accuracy of over 92%, both in the UK and overseas, with many accents and with children from various ethnicities.

What's more, Fonetti is a way to improve our ASR engine further. The data we collect from Fonetti is constantly fed back into our ASR development, which helps our partners develop their own systems using voice as a key component.

All this means that our ASR is thoroughly industry-tested not only through our own working with schools, colleges and Multi Academy Trusts, but also through our partners who gather their own data and analytics which enables our ASR to grow. Our reiterative cycle of development, testing, and improvement has enabled us to create our amazing, award-winning app!


Fonetti is a tablet-based, interactive reading practice app. It uses Auris's multi-patented automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine to engage children with reading, using the power of the child's own voice to accelerate and embed their learning. Visit our website to learn more about Fonetti at home and in schools!

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