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Case Study: Improving literacy with just 20 minutes of Fonetti a day

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Implementing interventions is a challenge for every school, as teachers have to strike a balance between providing specialised support and ensuring pupils are keeping up with the overall curriculum. Paulton Junior School is a small junior school in Bath which has been using Fonetti as a reading intervention to support pupils with lower reading ages for a year.

Every day, these pupils have 10 minutes of ‘Fonetti time’ first thing in the morning and another 10 minutes after their break, where they each grab an iPad and find a space to read aloud. After each 10 minute session, they seamlessly rejoin their scheduled lessons. These mere 20 minutes of reading on Fonetti a day have translated into huge improvements in their reading skills - one young reader was able to increase her reading age by 8 months from September 2021 to February 2022!

“it’s such an easy tool to embed into your routines because children can just get on and do it”

One English teacher is particularly impressed by Fonetti’s user friendliness and the ease of incorporating Fonetti into the classroom. Her pupils are able to log into their accounts and start reading with very little help from teachers, making it an extremely effective and time-saving intervention.

Most importantly, her pupils adore using Fonetti to read. Pupils are able to celebrate their achievements by earning stars based on their reading accuracy and reaching milestones. One of the highlights of her days is seeing pupils’ immense pride in their reading improvements, when they excitedly return to class and boast about earning three stars on their book.


Fonetti is a tablet-based, interactive reading practice app. It uses Auris's multi-patented automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine to engage children with reading, using the power of the child's own voice to accelerate and embed their learning. Visit our website to learn more about Fonetti at home and in schools!

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