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National Treasure, Clare Balding OBE joins Auris Tech as it's Brand Ambassador

"We are delighted to announce that National Treasure, Clare Balding OBE has joined Auris as it Brand ambassador. We could not have wished for a better brand ambassador and supporter.

Clare has a genuine desire to make a difference in the world and joins us in our vision to help improve literacy and support english language learning around the world."

Kim Antoniou

Founder and CEO

Auris Tech Limited


When asked why Clare decided to become our brand ambassador she said:-

“I have talked to a lot of parents about the potential of Auris/Fonetti to help their children read more confidently and they are as excited as I am. It is very difficult in the modern world to ensure that screen time is helpful, useful and educational time rather than something negative. This app changes the game in terms of how families use and perceive iPads and it has a chance of spreading the joy of reading a huge variety of books to countries where having large numbers of physical books may not be practical.

When the weather is too hot or too wet or space is limited, it is not possible to have a library. Many schools do not have the finances or the capability to have a well stocked Library and it is almost impossible for a whole class to read the same book at the same time. Fonetti changes that.

It turns reading into a fun game, rather than a chore. Kids like to measure their progress without being judged negatively. Just like counting your steps, this app can create records of how much, how accurately and how fast readers are consuming books. In doing so, it creates a good habit and encourages reading more widely and expanding the imagination into areas that would not have previously been available. It keeps a record of which titles they have read and allows them to progress through the different reading levels. As we add more books, the list will expand.

Another added benefit of this system is that we can become “the people’s publisher”. Many adults and children can write brilliant stories but they struggle to get them published. They don’t want fame or fortune, they just want people to read their stories Fonetti can create a world of huge variety in story telling because it doesn’t have to follow the rules that restrict traditional book sellers. We can give new writers and illustrators a chance and if their book is a hit with readers, they will benefit accordingly.

I love the simplicity of Fonetti and its user-friendliness. It’s designed for kids with voice recognition technology that recognises the individuality of children’s intonation and regional accents. It is helpful and supportive of hesitant delivery or speech impediments and will be an endlessly patient and non-judgemental friend to nervous readers, encouraging them to be more confident and braver.

This is technology that changes the whole landscape for children and can help breed a new generation of enthusiastic and adventurous readers”

Clare Balding OBE

TV Presenter and Journalist

Auris Brand Ambassador


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